Why I Write


First, I come from generations of readers and writers. I’m sure this is why, waaaaaaay back when I was a little girl, my parents were willing to wrestle all seven kids into the wood-paneled dream wagon and head to the tiny town library every Saturday. When I got older, I realized how small that library really was (which was actually pretty good for a town of less than 2000,) but then, oh then–I treasured it for the universe of possibilities that it was. When I shut my eyes now, I can still smell the mingling of dust and new-book and my stomach tingles with the excitement of getting a prize from the Summer Readathon (especially the translucent triceratops–that was a good year!) I never left the library empty-handed, confident there was always something interesting to find, even if–especially?–it wasn’t what I went in for.


Fast-forward (garbled) number of years, and I am still going to the library/bookstore, but now with my own posse of readers. Like my parents, I encourage my kids to look for books with beautiful illustrations that don’t condescend with watered-down or babyish language. All reading is valuable, but quality reading is powerful.


I also followed in my parents’ footsteps by making up songs for my kids: lullabies, get-to-work songs and enjoy-your-food jingles. I would jot them down for our memories and then kept writing, eventually adding picture books in various stages of completion–to get back to when I wasn’t so in the weeds of picking hamburger buns out of the fish tank, stopping preschoolers from throwing sprinkler heads at passing cars and slowly easing dreaming heads out from under bathroom stools to put them to bed.


Recently, one story (“Drum! Drum!”) refused to let me put it away for later. I dusted off my computer, allowed the words to flow and found I couldn’t stop! It now feels like 8am at Disneyland except it’s my impatient ideas pouring through the gates. With the support of my wonderful family, I submitted my first book to Familius and it was accepted eight days later. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement to get this going! My purpose is to put positive, stimulating, beautiful content into the world for children and their parents. One story under contract, and many more to go–thanks for sharing this with me!